Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jabba the Hut & corrupting the minds of the innocent

I saw Mercedes Sosa this past weekend at the Rosedal in the Bosques de Palermo. It was quite a different scene than Vicentico two weeks prior. Regardless the conciertos del aire libre are a great way for the gobBsAs to restore their image. Mercedes Sosa is one helluva of a woman, in many respects, the least of which being her striking resemblance to one Star Wars character of infamy. However her voice was powerful, and at least one could enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd. Argentina gets so tearfully devoted to things and people, it's hard not to get a little caught up in the swell.

Afterwards went for crepes, or should I say, panqueques. Mmmmm, panqueques at midnight are a delight. We all laid fat for a rato, and then decided to hit up a nearby boliche, Roxy. One great thing about being an extrañjero is pulling the, "I'm not from around here" card. So the Roxy requires some sort of photo id to enter, who carries on of those? Well, I don't. My cousin showed his, then I said, "Soy extrañjero" and walked in behind him. Our friends had to haggle a little bit, but they equally had luck with the foreigner card.

A word on Argentine music selection and dj's. One should always try to have more than 10 songs in the rotation. And the 80's were twenty years ago. Additionally, Metallica is very difficult to dance to. Don't get me wrong, I am a heavy metal fanatic, but, well. I was told by an Argentine girl that I am relindo ( very beautiful ), I said thank you. Then in response to my being American, she said "I am sorry" and walked away. Odd to me, but apparently fine in the world of Porteños. We made our way out of the club bleary eyed and busy tailed at dawn and slept most of the day.

Breakfast at 4, mmm, panqueques. And then putzed around a few of the numerous artesanial ferias in town. Spoiled myself a little bit and went to see Las Cronicas de Narnia for a night cap. Happily the little kid in me was able to overcome the blatant Christian undertones that CS Lewis so haphazardly wove into those stories. I liked the polar bears.

I teach english here in Buenos Aires. This is not the dream job one would have thought it to be. One, I barely teach, my students don't want a teacher, and I am not one. I like to converse, and propagate my odd sense of sentence structure and vocabulary on the rest of the world. What I do not like is running all over town all day, getting paid relative peanuts, and working for an institute. Yes, I could go freelance, and that is in the works. However, the institute allows me to feel less responsible for my actions, and not concern myself with the nitty gritty. However of late, they have become more demanding. I am now supposed to evaluate my students every class. This is difficult, in that people make the same mistakes over and over again, learning a language is a process, and I like to help rather than critique. I also don't like extra work. Suddenly I have a job rather than a lazy way to pass the time. Perhaps my next paycheck will change my tune, lord knows my last two made me whistle even more off key. Work too little, and life is miserable, work too much, and life is miserable. Miserable is a strong word I admit, but if one doesn't have exaggeration, what is there to live for.

On a positive note, I have moved from Palermo to San Telmo. What a relief. No commute, far fewer snobs, more prostitutes and street crime, more young poor expats (like me!) rather than wealthy young to middleaged expats. A better vibe, buen onda.


Blogger mattyboy said...

Hey Dave,

Found your blog on the thorntree, have linked to you from here:


Maybe you could link to that page along with goodairs etc



3:57 PM  
Blogger Brandán Buenosayres said...

Did she say you were "relinda"? Was she a she? Ojo...

11:01 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Relindo, for sure, and definitely a she. But, I do know to keep my "ojo" out, went to Amerika once, ojo all over the place.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

oh, whoops, relindo...

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, all I read are rants , racial/cultural stereotypes, hints of superiority complexes.. you cannot comprehend why an argentine girl turned YOU down right?? LOL

its ok to tell it like it is, but if you are going to have a predisposed biased attitude, why travel around the world and post like you know what you are talking about?

10:42 PM  

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